Faces Do Rejuvenate Just Like Everything Else And How!

Common sense and the wonders of technology can certainly bring sweeping changes to the figure, face and the personality such as the neck, breasts, eye lift, brow lift and even the private parts.

By Bhaswati C Mukherjee
SkinCare Contributor, HealthBuzz

Posted on 2, March 2016

Besides the million dollar business point of view, the aesthetical element plays a crucial part too. If such transformations can bring happiness to the millions especially through the magic of celebrities to their fans, so be it. Are there any dangers involved or the chances of treatments going amiss? The answer like in some famous cases is 'yes' and in some cases where treatments are overdone and done too frequently. Many of us are guilty of overdoing things in many spheres if sensational urges cannot remain under control. The choice between surgical and non-surgical methods remains and in any case, a trusted skin specialist or cosmetic surgeon would go a long way in ensuring the success of the enterprise. Are the changes long-lived? Depending upon the nature of the treatment, the changes could last from a few months to a few years before the procedures would need to be repeated for another dose of happiness.

Why does the face deteriorate and require rejuvenation? Ageing is obvious and that applies to everybody of course but we need to consider pollution and all the dust and grime that settle in on a daily basis in the urban existence. The deplorable conditions of city atmospheres ensure that excessive weathering leads to blemishes and acne besides all the wrinkles that time would bring.

In the ample choice that exists to retain a youthful visage, why not opt for the natural methods that nourish the skin with herbs and oils, and thus rejuvenate, bringing new life to tired cells? Many do opt for the natural method as we see that a return to nature is in the offing, tiring perhaps of excessive synthetics and artificialities. Climate change too reminds of the terrible consequences of unheeding nature. Neurotoxins like botox injections and soft tissue fillers would work equally well to preserve the nuances of youth against the ravages of time. Yet many opt for extreme surgical methods that would be far more expensive, at least in the developed countries. They are very popular though and the cases run into the millions each year in the race to halt time and look your best. Professional and personal points of view may require it, a little happiness going a long way psychologically speaking, perhaps to find a better job or a richer husband! Humanity remains guilty of judgements based on appearances since there is nothing else at the moment to think about.

How does one make a choice between fat injections, facelifts, chemical peels, collagen injections and photo rejuvenation, among others? Let's briefly get to the basics.

Using laser, skin resurfacing can improve the exterior of the skin. The laser gets rid of wrinkles and lines that occur on the skin surface. New cells are born under the surface that tightens the appearance and brings a new lease of life for the skin and the youthfulness of the soul.

Microdermabrasion involves skin polishing that is achieved through microcrystals on the skin surface that get rid of the dry and dead skin cells, resulting in youthful skin. The procedure is called exfoliation.

Chemical peel refers to a chemical solution that gives new life to the facial skin. The chemical solution cleanses the skin of weathering and pollution, damage by the sun and gets rid of unequal pigmentation.

A minimal facelift too removes all the excess fat and skin that has accumulated through the years on the skin surface. The culprits are usually ageing and loss of weight. The tightening of the skin that results brings youthful appearances and augment facial features.

The skin being the largest organ of the body does need a lot of attention, the earlier the better and certainly in later life when the years are dragging along. Unless something is seriously wrong, facial therapy would suffice to bring that extra glow through natural minerals and oils in a facial mask. The procedure works very well to bring a delightful sheen to the skin cells. The skin is nourished and blood supply increases as the skin improve manifold.

Among the many fancy treatments that nowadays exist, it is important to choose wisely and make informed decisions with a trusted authority to avoid heartaches later. Besides, surgical changes cannot be undone and a lifetime of unsatisfactory appearances may wait in botched up cases that surface of the media from time to time. Research and recommendations would provide answers to searching questions.

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