Gaining Muscle Strength

Gym training is a much debated topic having varied theories and assumptions associated.

By Umar Asad
Men's Contributor, HealthBuzz

Posted on 27, February 2016

However, this article attempts to look at gym training with a scientific perspective. As a result, research studies from various countries are explored below:

The following tips are aimed at increasing thy body strength:

1. Forced reps at gym

According to a Finnish research report, when individuals worked out with extra reps, the growth hormone increased by 4,000% as opposed to stopping when muscle reaches their limit. As is advised by experts, attempt 2-3 extra reps after the body has worn out for increasing workload capacity.

2. Plan to fail

As per an Australian research study, when an individual attempts to go the extra mile with his gym reps, the muscles are usually at their breaking point. On the contrary, burdening them a bit more can increase their natural strength. But, it's advised to do an extra rep.

3. Muscle-centric focus

According to a British research, subjects whose concentration remained fixed at biceps showed more signs of improvement as opposed to those whose mind wandered during exercise. This results in maximizing muscle growth in the long-term. Ensure to think about the muscle at hand at the gym. Focus on the muscle as opposed to reflecting on distractions.

4. Speed variation

As per an Australian research, the individuals using fast reps techniques gained less muscle strength compared to those using slow reps technique. Both have merits, though. The slow reps subjects gained more muscle mass and fast reps subjects gained more strength. Slow reps increases muscle mass under stress. Using a mishmash of both will ensure size and strength.

5. With colleagues

Research shows that subjects working with colleagues worked out extra as opposed to individual workouts.

6. iPod magic

According to a research conducted by Weider Research Group, bodybuilders listening to music during the gym usually outperformed those with no musical equipment. In this case, they performed 1-2 extra reps as opposed to non-music listeners.

7. Say no to heavy training

Excessive heavy weights training can be counterproductive to muscle growth. A mishmash of both is generally a good idea since 4-5 reps of heavy muscle increases muscle strength while 8-10 reps increases the muscle mass. It is advisable to take on a heavy weightlifting regime for 6-7 weeks and then alternate to lightweight training. This keeps muscles from damaging.

8. Steer clear of exercise balls

According to Canadian scientists, a dumbbell workout on exercise balls can reduce muscle strength as opposed to one on an actual bench. Moreover, when gym enthusiasts worked out on unstable discs as compared to firm ground, they observed more decrease in muscle strength and activity. As a result, it's dangerous to work out on those devices.

9. Cardio

As per a research in Japan, when gym subjects performed cardio prior to weights, their GH response was dampened by 1,100%. As a result, perform cardio before heavy bodybuilding.

10. Wrist straps

Now that's a gym delicacy for enthusiasts. According to Weider Research Group, seasoned bodybuilders usually wear wrist straps for hard gym regimes. This ensures skin's smoothness and an extra 1-2 reps.

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