Want Healthier Longer Hair Naturally? 10 Tips to Get Results Fast

Here are some powerful tips to prevent hair loss and grow your hair longer and faster naturally

By Engy Khalil
Hair Contributor, HealthBuzz

Posted on 13, February 2016

1. Eat a diet that is well balanced

Nutrition is the first key to healthy growth of hair. You must eat enough vegetables, fruits and proteins in good quantities. Drinking a lot of water per day will also go a long way in making your hair long and healthy naturally. In addition, it is wise to avoid too much junk food to have a healthy body. Limit your carb intake and through proper nutrition, watch your hair growth improve.

2. Massage your scalp

Medical experts have proven that a scalp massage will increase blood circulation and this will boost hair growth. You can give yourself the massage or you can have your hair expert do it for you. Massaging your scalp several days a week will give you results in a short time and this is all natural without any complications. Apart from boosting hair growth, a good scalp massage is relaxing because it releases 'feel good' hormones.

3. Treat your hair with hot oil

A hot oil treatment is something that will transform your hair growth. There are many types of oils that will help you achieve this. The hot oil will open up the cuticles and will help moisture penetrate deep into the scalp. Some of the best oils to consider are olive, jojoba, coconut, avocado, castor and argan oil; the list is very long and all these oils will literally feed your scalp with vital nutrients and moisture to give you natural hair growth that will impress.

4. Consider apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is excellent to stop hair loss. It can be used as a rinse to give you this result. You can use the rinse once a month and over time, you will realize fuller healthier hair. It is a simple method to stop hair loss.

5. Vitamin for hair

The best vitamin for hair growth is biotin. It is widely available and it will play a pivotal role in strengthening your hair. Another good choice is Vitamin B complex. Take a good dose as directed by an expert and start to see your hair transform.

6. Do not tighten your hair

Holding your hair in a tight manner will do more harm than good. It is always wise to let your hair breath so hold it loosely to avoid breakage. Tightening your hair will slowly lead to hair loss.

7. Combing your hair

Combing your hair while wet is a bad idea. This is because your hair is weakest while wet. Therefore, after washing your hair, pat lightly with a towel and let is dry naturally. Combing wet hair will break the hair too much and avoiding this is the key.

8. Hormones and hemoglobin?

Your hormones and hemoglobin play a crucial role in making hair growth optimal. If there is an imbalance or disorder, your hair might start thinning without a clear explanation. Anemia is a condition from low hemoglobin. In this regard, balance your hormones and boost your hemoglobin if you need to and this will translate into better healthier hair.

9. Do not be stressed

Stress is one sure recipe for hair loss. Although many people never realize this, stress management is important to keep your hair in top shape. Look for physical activities and exciting things to do when stressed. Also, know your stressors and avoid them where possible. This will boost your hair growth greatly.

10. Use good shampoo and conditioner

A nice sulfur-free shampoo and conditioner for your hair will make the difference. Use a brand that you trust and if you are not happy with a certain ingredient, do not hesitate to look for a better product. A good shampoo should cleanse the hair but not leave it dry. A conditioner will retain moisture and help your hair grow naturally.

These are just but a few tips for natural hair growth. For detailed information, Hair Growth Secrets is the right resource for you.