Increase Density of Hair Naturally - How to Get Thicker Hair

I have very slow-growing natural 4c-type hair (kinky and fragile) and I wanted to increase the density of it and also grow it out long.

By RM Floyd
Hair Contributor, HealthBuzz

Posted on 4, February 2016

Recently I started consistently massaging my scalp, and steaming my hair and I've noticed it getting stronger and thicker and has started growing like crazy!

The way I massage my scalp is in a circular motion... moving my scalp in a way that allows my head to actually rotate in a circle. What this does is create a loose scalp which allows the blood to flow and stimulate hair growth and density (thickness) --naturally. The best part is that this is a natural and easy way to get the best of both worlds--thick hair and growing hair.

You will gain Great Benefits from Massaging Your Scalp and Steaming Your Hair. Here are a few:

  1. By massaging your scalp, you stimulate the blood capillaries in the scalp which transfers oxygen and nutrients to the tissues in the skin of the scalp and encourages hair to grow!
  2. Scalp massages loosens the scalp so your hair can emerge more freely
  3. The moisture from the steamer, hydrates your scalp and hair
  4. Hair steaming coupled with scalp massages and a good leave-in conditioner or oil creates an environment that causes your hair to thrive and grow and reduces or even eliminates hair loss completely.

If you have hair that is always dry and brittle, and that breaks easily, chances are dehydration could be the cause. Hair is protein and it needs moisture to thrive.

No matter what texture or hair type you are blessed to have, most people begin to have beautiful hair when it is hydrated and moisturized.

Tips on How You can Increase the Density and Thickness of Your Hair--Naturally:

The products I use for my hair care regimen are as follows:

If you are experiencing thinning and/or hair loss issues, re-examine your diet. Eliminate caffeine and drink fresh juices instead of soda's. Eat plenty of fresh veggies and fruits and drink plenty of water. Your hair gets its nutrients from your overall health... from the inside out.

When I added steaming and scalp massages to my weekly regimen, I began seeing results.

My hair is getting thicker and stronger. I was very impressed, because this is an all natural-friendly way of increasing the density, elasticity and growing my hair without any chemicals--naturally!

TIP ~ when you lie down to sleep or rest, cover your moisturized hair with a silk or satin scarf; cotton scarves zap out the oils from your hair and scalp, leaving it dry and brittle.

As an avid researcher and lover of natural solutions for hair care, hair loss and hair growth, Rene' enjoys sharing her reviews, tips and tutorials. For more information and natural solutions see what she's up to.