Why You're Not Seeing Results In The Gym

As a personal trainer I feel the need to cover a topic that I think may help many of you out there

By Cole Dowell
Diet Contributor, HealthBuzz

Posted on 12, March 2016

Most of us at some point of our life have started some form of fitness program rather its riding a bike three times a week or joining your local gym. We all exercise for the benefits of becoming a more healthy person but let's be honest what we really want is to look better naked. While I firmly believe adherence is the key to any fitness program it's no easy task for some people. The number one reasons people quit going to the gym or exercising is lack of results. Nobody wants to continue doing anything if there isn't any results to come from it. I'm now going to give you my top reasons why you're not seeing the results from your time spent in the gym.

#1. Eat For Your Goals (weight loss/muscle gain)

Most people get caught in a cycle with their diet. The people that are over weight eat to stay over weight and the people that are skinny eat to stay skinny. If your goal is to lose weight then you must break the bad habit of over eating and choose foods to help you along the way. The same goes for skinny people trying to gain muscle mass you can't eat like a bird and expect to roar like a lion. So based on what your goals are should determine the foods you choose to eat.

#2. Same Weights Week After Week (muscle gain)

The human body reacts to weight training by building more muscles in order to accommodate for the amount of resistance. If you never challenge your muscles with more resistance and continue to use the same amount of weight every week then you can't expect to see muscle growth. The goal is to slowly add weight every week or two. Even if it's just a few pounds. This will promote new growth by putting the muscle under more stress.

#3. Too Much Cardio (weight loss)

If you're spending hours a week doing cardio and your weight loss has come to a plateau maybe it's time to start resistance training more. When people think weight loss they instantly think cardio. Cardio is a great way to burn calories and start dropping weight but there is another way that often gets overlooked. Resistance training builds muscle and what many people don't know is the more muscle you have the more calories your body burns at rest. A resistance training session can elevate your metabolism for up to 35 hours after the workout. Meaning that when you go home after a gym session your body continues to burn calories and fat even when you are sleeping.

#4. Changing Your Program Too Soon (weight loss/Muscle gain)

This is a big problem I see all the time in the gym. People get very impatient and think if they don't see results after one week they need to change what they are doing. Remember it took years for your body to become the way it is and you can't expect it to change over night. I like to spend a good 6-12 weeks to reach a plateau or adapt to my current fitness program before I change and shock my body into change.

#5. Never Changing Your Program (weight loss/muscle gain)

While changing your program too much is never good, never changing it is just as bad. Changing your fitness program is what keeps us seeing results. The goal is to let your body adapt or plateau to your current program then change it up to shock it into new growth.

#6. Muscle Isolation Training When You Don't Have Muscles To Start With (muscle gain)

Muscle isolation lifts are for shaping the muscle. Too often people start resistance training for the first time and jump straight to muscle isolation lifts like the biceps curl. While its okay to do a few sets of isolation lifts it's far more important to build strength and muscle by doing compound lifts. Compound lifts are squats, dead lifts, bench press, any exercise that engages two or more joints to fully stimulate entire muscle groups.

#7. Over Training (weight loss/muscle gain)

Listen to your body. Over training is just as bad as not training enough and can really kill your gains in the gym. Remember every three months a week break is well deserved. When you come back stronger than the week before don't be surprised.

#8. Under Training (weight loss/muscle gain)

Just like over training not training enough is just as likely to stop all results. You can't expect to see changes if your not putting in the work needed.

#9. Too Much Rest Between Sets (muscle gain)

Spending too much time resting between sets is great way to kill your progress. Your not a power lifter so there is no need to be spending five minutes resting between sets. If you spend too much time resting or TALKING between sets next thing you know a hour has gone by and you have only got ten sets in. The best rest period is anywhere from 30 seconds to 2 minutes depending on your goals.

#10. Intensity (weight loss/muscle gain)

A good lesson I was taught is no matter what you're doing in life give it your all. If you don't push yourself then you're already lost. If you're not seeing the results you want stop and ask yourself if you are giving it everything you got. Nobody knows your limits better than you so it's up to you to push and achieve your goals.

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